Co-curricular Activities

The College provides myriads of opportunities to the students to discover and develop their creative and latent talents along with their academics. Various activities are organized with this objective under the guidance of competent teachers and also with the co-operation and leadership of the College Association

Following are some of the activities:

  • Arts Club: To develop the histrionic talents, Arts Club organizes various programs.
  • Mathematics Club.
  • Science Club: Students who have aptitude and interests in science form the Science Club. The club will arrange field visits, discussions, seminars, quiz programs, etc., to develop the scientific attitude of the students.
  • Nature Club.
  • Social Science Club.
  • Literary Club.
  • Oratory Club.
  • Quiz Club.
  • Music Club.
  • Tourism Club.
  • Internet Club.
  • Yoga Club.

Mahajubilee Training College