College Calender

Mahajubilee Training College systematically prepares a detailed academic calendar every year before the commencement of the classes, covering all the scholastic and co scholastic aspects clearly. Keen interest and care is followed in assessing and evaluating the student teachers on a continuous basis and hence internal evaluation exams are incorporated at regular intervals in the academic calendar beforehand. This helps the student teachers to prepare well for the exams and also the teacher educators to have a clarity on the extend of covering the syllabus. Internal assessments are conducted on a monthly basis and meticulously each subject paper is allotted a particular day in the week for the conduction of exam. The remedial teaching hours are utilized for providing additional help to the student teachers and all necessary steps are taken by the management to ensure that the academic calendar is properly followed without postponement or rescheduling or cancellation of internal examinations. The institution also follows the scheduling given in academic calendar for the organisation and preparation of various activities like day celebrations. The major days and observations are scheduled in the academic calendar and the senior teachers, students and the clubs related to the events plan the activities accordingly. On important days resource persons are invited to deliver talks, the students are encouraged to organise the celebrations which helps them to imbibe the necessary

Mahajubilee Training College