The college provides immense opportunities for the students to discover and develop their creative and latent talents along with their academic pursuit. Various activities are organized with this aim under the guidance of competent teachers. The activities are organized with the co-operation and under the leadership of the college Association.

The College Union:

The following are college union members.

Chairman - Ms. Bhavya K S

General Secretary - Ms. Sneha N J

Vice Chairman - Ms. Radhika T B

Arts Club Secretary - Mr. Edwin George

Sports Captain - Abhishek Paul M

Magazine Editor - Ms. Sruthi S Nair

Sub Editor - Ms. Saisurabhi K

University Union Counsellor (UUC) - Ms. Shahanas Begam P

The Principal shall be the ex-officio president of all associations. He shall have power to nominate faculty members to act as Vice - Presidents under whose guidance the association will function. The office bearers of the associations shall be the elected members from among the students. For effective implementation of the decisions taken by each association, the student community shall be grouped into four houses and captains and Vice-Captains elected from among each group shall act as leader of the group.

Thought for the day

Effective oral expression is a mark of every successful teacher. To develop this ability, every day half an hour from 9.30 am to 10.00 one student teacher is expected to talk on a relevant topic and later open to discussion.

Assembly and week feed back

Every Tuesday morning half-an-hour is spent for assembly and a feed back of the activities in the previous week. Each groups of students are assigned to organize the assembly, including the following or related programmes.
College prayer. Thought for the day, Five minute talk, Patriotic activity, News digest and week feed back.

Talents Show

Efficient teacher is a talented performer and effective communicator. Skillful exposition of hidden talents of each student teacher is expected so as develop self concept and inculcate confidence in each to communicate effectively. Each student teacher is expected to expose the hidden talents he/she possesses. Opportunities will be provided to the students every week to express their talents.

Awareness Forum

There shall be an informal association of interested academics and students to conduct intelligent and creative discussions on contemporary aspect, Primary to strengthen the general awareness of the participants and to develop a positive attitude towards acquiring general knowledge. The office bears of the forum shall be instrumental to organize periodic lectures, seminars, discussions, visit, interviews, etc.

Condensed Course on English Language Teaching

It is a customary practice in the school of Kerala to entrust the teaching of English Language with all subject teachers. But very few Teacher Education students are getting specialized in English Language Teaching. To equip our students with the development of general ability and to attain the minimum level skills in English language teaching, we pioneer to organize a course on English Language Teaching including an intensive two days condensed Course, utilizing the available expert human potentials and resources optimum.

Value Education

Competent and Experienced persons in the field of value education deliver lectures, share experiences and give insights on the role of the teacher in providing value education.

The Guardian Teachers Association (GTA)

The GTA of the college is strong and active providing all the possible support for the academic and physical development of the college. Guardians take keen interest and development of the institution. The GTA executive meets often to plan and execute the programmes. The GTA has instituted a gold medal to the top scorer of the college in the University Examination.

Mahajubilee Old Students Association (MOSA)

The association aims at establishing and maintains close contact with those who leave this college after their studies. They are informed of the progress and achievement of the college. They are being invited to an annual get together. The executive committee elected annually is responsible for the functioning of the association.

Study Tours and Excursions

As a partial fulfillment to the curricular activity, study tours relevant to each optional group shall be conducted. A general excursion also shall be conducted.

Mahajubilee Training College