Rules & Regulations

  • Student teachers are expected to be clean, tidy and respectable in dress and appearance.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to engage in any political or other movements which are undesirable.
  • Working hours of the college is from 9. 30 a. m. to 4. 30 p. m. with a lunch break of one hour from 12. 30 p. m. to 1. 30 p.m.
  • The day begins with prayer at 9. 30 followed by 'Thought for the Day' by the student teachers in a cyclic order.
  • Students shall be punctual and regular in attendance. No late comer shall enter the lecture hall without the permission of the lecturer conducting the class.
  • Students are expected to stand up when the teacher enters the classroom and remain standing till they are directed to sit till the lecturer is seated.
  • No students shall leave the class without the permission of the lecture or until the class is dismissed.
  • The college properties should be handled with utmost care and keep the class room neat and tidy. Students are not expected to remove the furniture or other things kept in the college. Any damage caused will be punished.
  • Students shall not loiter on the veranda when they have no class. They are expected to be in the reading room and utilize the time. Absolute silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Habitual negligence in academic work, dishonesty, obscenity in word, deed or any other acts of misconduct will involve severe disciplinary action.
  • Students are expected to wear the college uniform.
  • Smoking and chewing are strictly prohibited within the college campus.
  • As per the Govt. Instruction, Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the college campus. Mobile phone is allowed for learning purpose with condition.
  • Catholic students are expected to participate in the Holy Mass conducted every first Friday of the months.

Mahajubilee Training College